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Techniques for Mortgage Professionals to Time Manage using your â??Behavior Style and Approachâ?

Do you need some assistance with managing your time????  FAMP can help you.

Join us on Tuesday, April 24th from 1pm to 2pm for an informative webinar - Techniques for Mortgage Professionals to Time Manage using your “Behavior Style and Approach” sponsored by Surpass Your Goals!

Our  industry often pulls us in multiple directions. Let us help you manage to your strengths and identify limitations that will help you device a plan to maximize your time.
  • Learn how to best manage your time and be more efficient identifying you style
  • Get ideas and strategies on how to work with styles and balance work, life and family
  • Get insights and understanding on how you can maximize your time, accomplish goals and set realistic expectations in a volatile environment by working with your best strengths and those around you
This webinar will help you get a better understanding on how your style can be a  “Director, Motivator, Nurturer and Investigator” and  can develop an introductory skill in working with time management to maximize your effort.

Cost is FREE for Professional Members; $10 for Associate Members and $25 for Non-members!

Webinar Sponsored by:  Robin Lavitch Owner and Trainer of Surpass Your Goals

Nathaniel Bittman, FAMP Government Affairs Chair, FAMB Foundation Instructor - Facilitator and Co-Host

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Online Webinar

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